A thing of beauty,is joy forever..  

A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Its loveliness increases,
it will never pass into nothingness;
But will keep a bower quiet for us,                              
and a sleep full of sweet dreams, 


John Keats,one of the most remarkable British poet of his own times has emphasised too much on beauty. So when we hear phrases like ‘a thing of beauty is joy forever‘ or ‘beauty is but skin deep‘,we tend to realize how important a thing of beauty can be. Very simply put,yet graceful,Keat has given beauty a new definition.

Beauty is a heavenly tonic/drink,an endless fountain of nectar. It soothes our spirit,and gives us good health,sound sleep and mental peace. Its a source of eternal joy,it’s loveliness grows with the passage of time and its impact never fades away. It provides the beholder with a haven of tranquillity and solace.

Every person gets a bitter taste of sorrow,sufferings and grief. It is the beautiful things that remove the pall of sadness from our lives and make us happy and cheerful. Beauty is often distorted,misunderstood and shadowed by a wide amount of conflicting pressures. It is something we endlessly strive for,rather than seeing in the true essence of our happiest moments.

So,always appreciate beauty in whichever form it comes to you!!

P.S. Please ignore my click. I know I look Cruella 😈😆

-a thing called Life!!


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