Are we really living in a Metropolitan city..??

Ask yourself this question a thousand times,before you say a “Yes“.

Do we people even know the literal meaning of this word ?? Most of us would say big cities with skyscrappers,good lifestyle,high standards of living,and so forth….

But think again,when we use the word ,”high standards of living” do we really mean it? -The air we breathe is polluted. The water we drink is contaminated . The food we eat is nothing but a big ball of chemicals.  So when we say- high standards of living,are our standards of living really that high that we can’t even afford to breathe in fresh air,drink pure water and eat healthy and natural food.

According to a report released by UNICEF,almost one in seven children worldwide live in areas with high levels of outdoor air population,mostly in South Asia,and their growing bodies are most vulnerable to damage. And yet we call ourselves,globalised.

Does only earning good money,staying in big bungalows and driving a lavish car makes us rich,makes us globalized,makes us urbanised and modern.

We humans,have consumed our natural resources recklessly. We have poisoned the air we breathe and the water we drink. We have overpopulated the earth. We destroyed many plant and animal species to extinction. We have done excessive crimes and drug use. We have destroyed ecologies required for other species to survive. The human race as a whole has learned nothing of any value from the past. History is our best teacher and yet we turned a blind eye towards this massacre. We humans have sold our souls in exchange of few shiny trinkets called “natural resources“and have intentionally bring  harm to  Mother Nature. Perhaps there is an evil, ‘unforeseen force’driving humanity to its own inevitable destruction. This evil force has no power over us,yet we stick our heads in the sand,and pretend it isn’t real by ignoring it.

This evil is deep within the hearts,minds and very essence of mankind. We have turned over our destinies and our futures by exploiting it unashamedly for our own selfish gains. I personally do not believe that this was the intent of our creator when this blueprint of life on the planets throughout our vast universe was conceived. And yet,self destruction seems to be the only goal and true destiny of mankind,by mankind itself.

We humans have to realize it that we have received Mother Earth as a legacy from our ancestors and forefathers and its our responsibility of maintaining its balance  on our shoulders. We are the creator and destroyer at the same time. It has taken Mother Nature trillion of years to evolve this habitable planet that sustains life of such beauty and diversity. This planet has the natural capacity to sustain itself for another trillion years.

But man is his own worst enemy,short sighted,selfish,self serving,exploitative,destructive to all that sorrounds him with no regards to those who matter.

So I ask you now,are we really living in a metropolitan city ?

Is this really what we want or is this just a facade that we created around us.

So,ask yourself,are we?

-a thing called Life !!


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